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Bookkeeping and Consulting Services

MCA is helping us with our workflow processes. Marc has an impressive ability to walk us through an entire process, identify the problems and offer suggestions as to how to improve it. He makes sure that the proposed solution fits us (not the other way around), and he follows up to make sure that things go as planned. So far we've streamlined our accounts payables and updated our invoicing system. MCA is not an expense, they're an investment!
~Zena Nikiza 
Office Manager
R. Kenyatta Punter & Associates
New York, New York

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Innovation Contracting is a residential renovation and addition Construction Company that operates in Bergen County, NJ and beyond. We specialize in kitchen, baths, basements, and additions. Innovation Contracting has taken on the services of MCA Certified Tax Preparers so we can focus our time and resources on our main goals which are providing construction services.

MCA Certified Tax Preparers and especially Marc Adams, is able to handle the multifaceted responsibilities of bookkeeping, payroll and tax services we need to keep our company records accurate and up to date. Before, our company would allocate time to each of these fields, which was extremely costly since we had no dedicated in-house position to handle the tasks.

Now with MCA Tax Preparers on our team, we know we have a professional who enters and reports on the important business records we need to monitor to maintain our profitability. MCA Tax Preparers does this by providing consistent customer service which allows them to delivery a consistent product. Innovation Contracting is a small construction business that gains a competitive edge by having our Bookkeeping, Taxes and Payroll done by MCA Certified Tax Preparers.
~Justin Pallack
Innovation Contracting

It is a pleasure to work with Marc. He answers all questions and gets back to us in a timely manner. When he doesn't know the answer he is honest. Always kind and helpful, I would recommend MCA Certified Tax Preparers to anyone!
Mieke Vandersall
CFO for Soundboy Music
Brooklyn, NY

Marc is an absolute professional who always takes the time to make you feel as if you are the most important client. This type of professionalism is rare today and one of the reasons that makes Marc the best accountant out there.
Kris LaGreca
Partner - NPG Local
Web Development Company

Marc & MCA Tax Prep. are true professionals. They provide great service and advice, will answer any questions and solve any problems you are experiencing with your accounting or payroll. Highly recommended...
Nick Radisic
Rad Grapes LLC


MCA is everything that I need. The payroll is exceptional. Simple, easy to use and very affordable. I use the hands-free service to save a little money, and I've never had a penalty. When I have questions, I contact Marc at MCA and I get all the help I need. MCA handles all of my accounting needs. This is truly a "One Company Fits All" enterprise.
~Carol DeLuca
Carol Deluca Corporate Services, LLC
Paramus, New Jersey

I hired MCA Tax Preparers services at a desperate time, when my business taxes were simply out of control. No accounting firm would agree to do it with the diligence a small business requires and all the large payroll firms were out of reach for me, since their service fees were unreasonably high for my very small corporation.

Ever since I found MCA Tax Preparers, my business tax accounting and bookkeeping have become stress-free. The level of expertise and personal attention I have been receiving from the MCA Tax Prep's representatives is beyond my expectations. Not to mention the cost of their services.

This is the best deal you could get - personal attention, high level of expertise, ease of use and attractive fees. Nothing can beat this combination! Thanks MCA Tax Prep, and thank you Marc for your time and good effort.  You helped me tremendously in the most difficult times.

~Yelena Einhorn,
VP of MEGA Solutions Group, Inc.,
Fair Lawn, New Jersey

With your payroll program, everything is right there. All I have to do is hole punch the reports, put it in a binder and Iím ready for my audit. I have a quick copy for the auditor and one for the tax preparer. Itís really, really simplified, plus itís very professional looking.
~Irene V. Johnson
Vice President
A.I.A. Refrigeration Inc.
New York, NY

It's not about money, but it certainly does help. MCA works with me to ensure that all of my payroll is on time and accurate. I have never had a problem with the service and the personal attention that I need. As a small business owner, I can't afford a CFO. MCA Certified Tax Preparers is my personal CFO.
~James Vample
Manor Home Improvement Inc.
Hackensack, New Jersey

Training and Seminars 

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Dear Mr. Adams: The students at Grace Institutes evening program would like to thank you for coming in on Wednesday and discussing Reentering the Workforce - Understanding Your Taxes. Your presentation was informative, and we learned about some important information.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be with us.

Barbara Johnson

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"I think your presentation was right on target. Besides knowing your material and being well prepared, you were friendly, personable, clear, non-intimidating, open, and respectful - all excellent traits in a presenter. From what I heard, it seems that all who participated learned something useful from it. You were able to take a typically complicated topic and tailor it to the needs and interests of the audience with illustrative handouts and easy to understand examples. People felt comfortable enough to ask questions and your responses were always on point - and if you couldn't answer a question fully, you were willing to research more and get back to them as well as offer them a way to learn more."

Suzan Grey Burr,
Director of Employment and Training,
Women's Rights Information Center
Englewood, New Jersey

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Dear Mr. Adams: The students at Grace Institutes evening program would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and speak with us. We appreciate you sharing of your knowledge and expertise in the field of taxes and tax preparation. The seminar was as interesting as it was informative.

We wish you much success and look forward to seeing you in the future. Once again, we say thank you.

The Students of Grace Institute
Evening Graduating Class of 2009
Grace Institute
New York City, New York

We recently conducted a 6 hour workshop at the Teaneck Board of Continuing Education entitled "Making Your Business More Profitable by Mastering QuickBooks" --

One of our students (who owns his own Chiropractic practice) was convinced that QuickBooks would work for his business! See his words below:

I have been trying to find a seminar like this for quite a while. No one has been able to answer my question regarding whether QuickBooks can help me run my Chiropractic practice or if Iíd have to spend upwards of $5000 buying software for medical practices. I contacted professional computer technicians, other chiropractic offices and even others who used QuickBooks, no one could answer that question!

My three sessions with you convinced me that I can save thousands of dollars with QuickBooks as my accounting system. Itís clear to me that my colleagues are wasting thousands of dollars every year. Thanks for helping me keep that money in my pocket. Thank you for your workshop!

Dr. Harry Lefkowitz
Chiropractic Physician
153 Fort Lee Road

560 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 1100 | Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 |  201.731.3358