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Why choose MCA?

Simply put, we’re not like every other accounting firm. Ask our clients – they can attest to the personalized service that we offer. We take time with every client to make sure that their financial life is easier.

Our clients love us!

When I first met Marc, I had already been through 3 or 4 other accountants in the past 4 or 5 years so I wasn’t really looking to replace my tax preparer yet again. But Marc was different. Marc was interested in me and my business. He asked me questions none of my other tax preparers had ever asked me before.Marc wanted to help me prepare for the future.

My other tax preparers were only concerned about what had happened in the past 12 months, Marc wanted me to not only understand
the past 12 months, but use it to plan out the next 12 months.  So I figured I would give him a chance.  When we sat down to review my taxes,
I thought I was on a hidden camera show. The appointment wasn’t the type I had been used to. The one in which I show up, sign a few documents,
and then leave. Marc spent an hour with me going over my return line by line. He referenced my QuickBooks file, my Profit and Loss statement,
and my previous tax documents.

In the end, I walked away understanding what the numbers on the paper meant and how they were calculated. More importantly, I understood what I did
to get there, and what i had to do in the current year reach my next goal. We actually talked about goals! Marc kept in touch with me throughout the year,
we spoke at least once every quarter and when my business grew and I needed to add payroll, he helped get me set up on that too.

I am happy to have Marc on my team.Marc is not just someone who provides a service to me, he is a valued member of my team –
someone who is genuinely interested in my success… and I am interested in his. I would recommend Marc and his staff to my friends and family and
I would recommend them to you.

~ P. Gallo, Envision Video Services

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