FAQ – Working with the MCA Team

At MCA Certified Tax Preparers, we like to keep things simple and easy. New clients will often contact us with questions about how we work with our clients.


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you charge / what is your fee structure?

While most of the work that we do for clients is based on flat fee, it is not as easy with tax preparation work.
We’ve evolved our practice over time to make sure to deliver the ultimate value for our clients. If you want tax return preparation ONLY, your bill is arrived at by the actual forms that are filed to the IRS.
For example, our most basic return is typically one Federal form (1040) and one State (NJ-1040) the return for our most basic return would be $300. This fee would cover the initial tax return review, the final review, access to our return year round via our private portal, e-filing and a mid-year tax liability check-in.

What is it like to work with MCA?

Notice what some of our clients have to say: Video Comments: Our clients comment on working with us

Do you work with Businesses?

Actually, we specialize in working with businesses and business owners. While we do individual tax preparation, our firm is really focused on helping business owners, save on taxes, but more importantly increase their bottom line.
We have a number of programs for business owners – our Tax Plan and Prep package is designed to help business owners save thousands of dollars per year over what they would save by working alone. We meet with clients quarterly to ‘tune-up’ their books, forecast taxes and reduce liability with our planning strategies.
Our greatest value however is through our advisory work! Our programs help business owners improve cash flow, streamline work flow, increase the bottom line and generally improve the overall quality of the business. Visit our testimonial page to hear how we help business owners increase their bottom line by literally tens of thousands of dollars per year. Video Testimonials: Our Advisory Clients Speak

What are the steps for working together during tax season?

1 – Reply to this email with your mailing address
2 – We will use your mailing address to create your engagement letter
– the engagement letter simply outlines the way we work together…
3 – We will send your engagement letter to you via email using our payment portal (It will come from MCA Certified Tax Preparers but the email address is engagements@bizpayo.com), if you don’t see an email, please make sure to check your spam/junk mail.
4 – After the engagement letter is signed, we will send you a link to our tax organizer and give you access to our private portal where you can upload your tax documents.
5 – You can schedule time on our calendar to do a preliminary tax review, alternatively, we may reach to you if we have questions. In either case, we will schedule a tax return final review.
6 – After the return is complete, we will review the return together for accuracy and completeness. We will also review your invoice.
7 – If you’re in agreement with the return we will upload your e-file authorization forms and process your invoice payment.
8 – You will sign the e-file authorization and return it to us. We will then e-file the return on your behalf.
9 – Once the return is accepted by the IRS, we will upload your tax return to the private portal (and if requested, mail you a hard copy).

How can we work together?

It’s easy… just get on our calendar. We make sure to give you our undivided attention which is why we work by appointment only. Make your appointment now and let’s get started: Book Your Appointment with Us

What is your policy for mistakes and errors?

Mistakes happen, no one is immune. If the mistake is ours, we will pay the IRS penalties that arise because of it. You would be responsible for your taxes owed (this would have been your responsibility if there was no mistake at all). If the mistake is because of an omission on your part, we are not responsible for covering the tax penalty.

Are you available year–round?

Absolutely! MCA has been in business since 2002. We are a full-service accounting firm and are available to our clients throughout the year.