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Immediate Actions Taken
We immediately contact the IRS and 1) request a ‘HOLD’ on further collection and 2) request action is taken on any bank or wage levies.

Expert Analysis
We analyze every aspect of your case so you can have confidence in the best outcome possible – in the least amount of time.

Intelligent Look Back
We review your prior tax returns to look for any possible tax savings. This will ensure that you don’t pay any more tax than the law requires!

Best Outcome Plan
Once we’ve completed our RapidRelief action and analysis, we’ll initiate your Best Outcome Plan. Options are many, but include Offer in compromise, Installment Agreement, Penalty removal Programs.

Tax Return Prep
As part of implementing your RapidRelief plan, we’ll prepare any prior year tax returns to make sure you can keep the IRS happy and set up your plan stress free.

Installment Payments
When an installment agreement is your best option, we’ll work directly with the IRS to negotiate the best possible plan and affordable payments.

Tax Success Plan
We’ll create a personal tax success plan for you, so you can stay on track in the future and reach your financial goals sooner.

Pain-Free Process
From start to finish, we make the entire process pain-free for you. You’ll feel less stress the moment we begin to work together.

Our Simple 8 Steps provide the cure to your IRS problems. Plus you get the support you need for “healthy” taxes moving forward.

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